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Spray painting and coating lines for wood, plastic, metal, glass ...

Spray coating of small parts, mouldings, pipes oder large surfaces

Coating plants for almost all painting systems and materials.

The following industries / sectors, among others, use Venjakob / Nutro coating concepts:

  • Wood + furniture, interiors of boats and interior decoration for shops
  • Plastic + car supply industry (interior, exterior, rims, household supplies, entertainment electronics)
  • Glass + photovoltaic (lotus effect, decoration, anti-reflective and nano coating)
  • Facades / building materials
  • Metal / steel pipes (corrosion protection)
  • Rubber
  • Sanitary fixtures
  • Aerospace, etc.


In accordance with the diverse customer requirements, Venjakob and its US subsidiary Nutro Inc. offers various coating plants for processing almost all coating systems, such as water-based, solvent-based or UV paint. 

Depending on the requirements of the customer in question, these systems apply effect, decorative or functional coatings, and can, if desired, also comprise pre-treatment / cleaning / activation / drying and an exhaust air treatment system

From three-dimensional small parts to large surfaces, from narrow moldings to long pipes - the surface quality determines how the users or consumers experience the product.

The type and number of spray guns can be selected in accordance with the paint system and the quality aim. All machines can be equipped and varied with different conveying and drying systems. 

The following coating systems are suitable for spray coating:

VEN SPRAY SMART - spray coating machine - small but very effective

VEN SPRAY COMFORT - spray coating machine for flexible serial production

VEN SPRAY PERFECT - the new dimension in high-capacity laquering

VEN SPRAY CONTOUR - the optimum symbiosis of surface spray painting machine and robot

VEN SPRAY VARIO - robot with surface spray painting machine

VEN SPRAY MULTIFLEX - 7 axis coating machine for 3D-workpiece geometries

VEN SPRAY MINI - low cost and minimum space requirement, maximum flexibility

VEN SPRAY €CCO - VEN SPRAY €CCO inline with pre-treatment unit and dryer

VEN SPRAY ROTARY - spray coating machine for rotating workpieces

VEN SPRAY ROBOT - robotic paint system for coating lines

VEN SPRAY VERTICAL - flexible automation to suit your coating needs

VEN SPRAY PIPE - systematic approach to steel tube and sleeve coating

VEN SPRAY MOULD - painting / coating of mouldings, window parts and other profil components