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Dust-removal units and industrial part cleaning devices

From simple pre-treatment to industrial part cleaning including CO2 snow blasting and CO2 dry ice blasting

Often workpiece pre-treatment is indispensable to obtain a perfect surface. Whether cleaning or any other pre-treatment process, we offer the suitable technology for you.

Whether industrial part cleaning or other kinds of pre-treatment and activation technology, Venjakob offers the right system  solution for your requirements.


  • Dust-removal systems
  • Ionization systems
  • Brushing units


  • CO2 snow blasting
  • CO2 dry ice blasting
  • Dry degreasing
  • Alkaline cleaning


  • Plasma treatment
  • Flame treatment

Venjakob provides innovative system technologies, which more than meet the ever growing requirements for quality and cleanliness of your products and provide a solid foundation for high-quality coating.

From stand-alone solutions to continuous machine lines, Venjakob can provide suitable solutions for your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to advising you and planning the ideal pre-treatment process adapted to your individual requirements!

Our plants for Pre-treatment and cleaning: