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Spray coating machine - Small but very effective

This "stand-alone solution" is designed to meet flexible production requirements and can be used for solvent and water based paints. This spray coating machine is both economical and environmentally friendly.

It can optionally be equipped with a belt cleaning system and/or a paper transport belt.This makes it possible to alternate between both modes of operation. A quick change between two paint systems (water/solvent based) is simple and fast. This makes it especially attractive for smaller companies to replace manual painting. 

Technical data:

Working width:               1,300 mm, 
Working height:              920-960 mm,
Machine dimension:         1,900 mm (length)
Feed speed:                    2-4 m /min.
Exhaust air volume:        7,000 m³/h, 
Supply voltage:  9.6 kW/ 12 A,

Further Details:

  • Unique: Belt cleaning system and/or paper belt conveyor system save material and reduce the cleaning effort
  • The machine is immediately operational (low installation time), operator friendly and low maintenance
  • Paint recovery device is economical and environmentally friendly
  • One or two paint supply circuits
  • Easy to maintain dry filter extraction system
  • Filtered supply air
  • Air supply ventilator with filter
  • Infinitely variable throughfeed speed
  • Switch cabinet with Beckhoff Industrial-PC and touch display
  • Modular expandable (dust removal unit, dryer…)
  • Process reliability
  • Reproducible results
  • Low floor space required
  • Small quantity paint supply container optional available

Suited amongst others for

e.g. furniture, kitchens, moldings, windows, doors, floors, ship interiors
e.g. steel pipes, steel plates, steel girders, seals, rims
e.g. automobile, solar, window
Special solutions
e.g. fiber cement board, roofing tile, leather, composite materials


Wolfgang Hauser
Sales Manager
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