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image VEN SPRAY MULTIFLEX Gesamtansicht
image VEN SPRAY MULTIFLEX Blick in die Kabine - EN
VEN SPRAY MULTIFLEX view into the booth

7 axis coating machine for 3D-workpiece geometries

The design of the automatic 7 axis coating machine meets today's market requirements. As such, it can be employed for small and large order batch sizes, it paints the workpiece front and rear faces as well as 3D part geometries without problems. 

Noteworthy properties

  • Parts spectrum: eg. plastic parts for the automotive industry (interior/exterior and trim) as well as for the phonographic industry and telecommunication
  • Batch sizes: starting with the smallest batch size of "1"
  • Dimensions: max. part height 300 mm, basic dimension  W x L 800 x 800 mm
  • Processing of all known paint/lacquer systems
  • Wet in wet application is possible
  • Painting of the workpiece front and rear face
  • "Flying" paint change
  • Modular design

Further Details:


Brief plant description

Transport unit for stacking trays/work piece carriers, consisting of:

  • Linear axis for transport of the workpiece carriers in booth length, forward and reverse movement direction) installed on the device
  • Fork  mounting device to fasten the workpiece carriers movable and crosswise to the transport direction by means of a
  • turning device (rotates longitudinally in relation to the fork mounting device),  allowing the workpiece carrier to be turned infinitely variable through +/- 360° (painting on front and rear face

Function of the spraying axes

  • Synchronous traverse path: 2 guns per axis/outwards directed / function of a conventional surface spray coating machine
  • Axes work alternately: One axis is located in the booth for coating, the 2nd axis is located above the cleaning and lacquer change position.

Lacquer/paint change and spray gun cleaning

  • Outside of the cabinet, as a direct extension of the corresponding axle, is a spray gun flush and cleaning device. It is possible to change the paint when a pallet is changed.

Suited amongst others for

e.g. automobile, HiFi, home appliance, cell phone, packaging


Wolfgang Hauser
Sales Manager
VENJAKOB Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG VEN SPRAY MULTIFLEX VEN SPRAY MULTIFLEX image VEN SPRAY MULTIFLEX 7 axis coating machine for 3D-workpiece geometries