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Painting/coating of mouldings, window parts and other profile components

To conform to market requirements, widely differing machines for painting/coating mouldings, window parts and other profile components were developed. 

The type and number of guns depends both on the paint system and on the quality envisaged. 

Air, Airmix or Airless spraying systems can be used for this purpose. The individual machine types can be configured with all conveyor systems of our portfolio and combined with the respective drying systems.

The difference between the VEN SPRAY MOULD (LT) and (LW) variants is their type of extraction. LT stands for dry extraction, LW for water-backed extraction. 

VEN SPRAY MOULD COOLAC is exclusively designed for processing water-based paints. 

The overspray is constantly collected and condensed in chilled collector systems.

The condensation of the controlled air humidity keeps the collector devices and chilled conveyor systems permanently wet. This reliably prevents paint particles from drying during operation. 

The strip painting plants can be supplemented by further Venjakob plant technologies specifically tailored to the process such as brush sanding/denibbing machines, dryers or conveying equipment.


  • Substantial paint saving, up to 100 % of the recovered paint can be reused
  • High efficiency
  • Easy handling
  • Optimum environmental compatibility
  • Possible degree of application efficiency of more than 90 %
  • Extremely easy cleaning

Advantages due to dry extraction:

  • Low acquisition cost
  • No disposal of booth water
  • Economical waste disposal of the paint dust
  • No use of coagulation agents
  • Low maintenance effort

Suited amongst others for

e.g. furniture, kitchens, moldings, windows, doors, floors, ship interiors


Wolfgang Hauser
Sales Manager
VENJAKOB Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG VEN SPRAY MOULD VEN SPRAY MOULD image VEN SPRAY MOULD Painting/coating of mouldings, window parts and other profile components