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Dryer for UV curing paint systems

UV curing paint systems are hardened within seconds by intensive UV radiation. These systems permit short production processes requiring little space. The number of required radiators depends on the throughfeed speed, the type of paint, the quantities applied and the workpiece geometry. 

Performance optimised UV lamps are used in the VEN DRY UV dryer. These feature emission spectra perfectly matched to the individual paint/lacquer. Mature transformer technology in combination with high-performance UV lamps ensure safe and reliable operation. 

Fields of application:

  • Furniture industry, surface finishing
  • UV coating materials
  • Equally suitable for workpieces made of wood, plastic and metal


The new generation of dryers with "SURROUND-UV" technology offers the following advantages:

  • Efficient use of energy through optimised high-reflection radiators
  • Throughfeed curing of surfaces and all edges due to a newly developed reflector
  • Frequently 1 radiator is sufficient for clear lacquers, colour paints require 2 radiators
  • More than 20 % additional energy saving compared to the predecessor model
  • Notably reduced IR portion ("cold light") for sensitive materials
  • Long operating life of the lamps
  • Temperaturgeregelte Abluft reduziert Ihre Betriebskosten weiter
  • No damage resulting from a transport stop thanks to improved shutter systems
  • Quickly convertible for other workpieces, materials and/or lamps
  • Variable, modular system



Further Details:

Further advantages of the VEN DRY UV with SURROUND-UV technology:

  • Efficiency control of the UV lamps to ensure stable operating parameters
  • The infinite setting range from 50...120 W/cm permits highly accurate operation and UV lamp readjustment
  • Mains fluctuations of up to 10 % are balanced
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance and lamp change

Suited amongst others for

e.g. furniture, kitchens, moldings, windows, doors, floors, ship interiors
e.g. steel pipes, steel plates, steel girders, seals, rims
e.g. automobile, solar, window
e.g. automobile, HiFi, home appliance, cell phone, packaging
Special solutions
e.g. fiber cement board, roofing tile, leather, composite materials


Wolfgang Hauser
Sales Manager
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