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Flat evaporation tunnel with optimised infrared technology

With the VEN DRY OIR dryer, the surface quality of lacquered workpieces can be considerably improved while simultaneously reducing the drying times.

Premature closure of the surface is effectively prevented by evaporating the surfaces in conjunction with targeted heat application into the paint layer interior. The paint uniformly and quickly dries from inside out.

Technical data:


The OIR flat evaporation tunnel in modular design with belt conveyor optimally meets all requirements. The standard equipment comprises three IR radiator modules, each equipped with two radiators and easily accessible through lateral inspection flaps. 

Fields of application:

  • Furniture industry
  • Water-based paints/lacquers and stains, dispersions
  • Equally suitable for workpieces made of wood, plastic and metal

Further Details:


  • Good results in any weather due to the defined climate in the drying channel
  • Extremely short drying times resulting in less fibre swelling and little space required
  • Reduction of shrinkage cracks and blisters by careful energy intake, the paint film remains open
  • Quickly convertible for other workpieces, materials and/or paints
  • Well accessible, modular design
  • Depositing and stacking of workpieces for drying purposes is not required
  • Targeted radiation of coated workpiece segments
  • Cost saving modular design: freely constructable to meet individual requirements
  • Absolutely no hazards for your employees

Energy saving through:

  • highly efficient infrared radiators designed to meet the absorption spectrum (operating life exceeding 10,000 hours, low maintenance)
  • Precise adaptation of the operating point

Suited amongst others for

e.g. automobile, HiFi, home appliance, cell phone, packaging
e.g. automobile, solar, window
e.g. furniture, kitchens, moldings, windows, doors, floors, ship interiors


Wolfgang Hauser
Sales Manager
VENJAKOB Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG VEN DRY OIR VEN DRY OIR image VEN DRY OIR Flat evaporation tunnel with optimised infrared technology